A Memoir of my Roots

Maa Bhagabati

My Village

Earth N Hearth – A Memoir of My Roots

We Indians have large families with several relatives spanning across three and sometimes four living generations. However the modern day family structure has changed a lot. Due to social and economic reasons, parts of the family are scattered all over the world.

Earth N Hearth is a gift from me to my two daughters. They have lived and grown up in a very different way than I did. During their childhood days we were mostly cut-off from our roots. While they were exposed to new places and countries, got exposure to multiple cultures and picked up best of values, they have hardly spent any time with their relatives, rarely visited their native places and have a passing knowledge of Bengali rituals and culture.

Through this web site, I have tried to preserve some of the details so that they understand their background, their roots, about the places they come from.

Earth N Hearth is also about people I came in touch with, the places I explored, the events that took place – all that shaped my life.